Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aptitude & Numeracy Test

I have received a number of queries about Stage 2 which involves a computer aptitude and numeracy test.

Computer Aptitude Test:
There is little candidates can do to prepare for the computer test, they are similar to old-school computer games where a joystick is used to complete several tasks. Each task is carried out more than once, I can only assume that the assessors are looking for an improvement after each attempt. I personally recommend using the time in between the tasks to rest your eyes and mind before the next challenge.

Numeracy Test
This test is also in the computer. There are no calculators allowed however pencils and rough paper are provided. Important: the questions are not in order of difficulty! If you get stuck on one then just move on, the next question may be much easier. It is possible to go back to previous questions if time permits. Roughly 45secs per question is allowed. The questions all relate to data provided in a booklet. For example, there may be a graph in the booklet and a few related questions asking you for the average etc etc. 

There are also currency conversion problems E.g. 

$1 = 300yen 
100yen = 0.50Euros

Question: Express 4000yen in Euros with the remainder in Dollars.

There will be a number of possible answers on the screen and candidates must choose the most correct one.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cathay Pacific Cadet Program - Group Exercises

During stage 2 of the selection process candidates are required to do two assessments in groups.

1. Group Exercise:
Your group will be given a scenario where you will have to come to a decision within a certain time-limit. The actual task has nothing to do with flying,  the idea is to demonstrate that you are all able to work as a team (In fact there probably isn't a right answer!). There is no way you can prepare for this, just enjoy the challenge!

2. Flight Planning Exercise:
This is a simple flight planning problem that candidates must solve in pairs. You will be given all the information required along with a scenario. No flight experience is necessary as the problem itself is fairly simple. You will be asked to submit your written calculations individually so ensure you keep your notes concise and clear.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cathay Pacific Cadet program - Flight Grading

I was invited to attend the Advanced Flight Grading, this applies to candidates who have between 30 - 250hrs of flight time. There are 6 flights in total: 3 in the Grob 115 and 3 in a synthetic trainer (Either in the Alsim based on a Kingair 200 or a DA42 trainer with G1000 avionics).

The Grob flights comprise of upper airwork and circuits - the manoeuvres will be familiar to most candidates with the exception of wing-overs. Wing-overs a fairly simple and will be explained and demonstrated by the instructor. Candidates are not expected to make radio calls or take responsibility for weight and balance or fuel.

The 3 flights in the synthetic trainer comprise mostly of basic instrument Flying.  Manoeuvres assessed include intercepting inbound and outbound tracks on NDB and VORs as well as point-to-point navigation. Finally, candidates are vectored to fly an ILS approach. No prior instrument flying is necessary as you will be given study notes and briefings prior to your instrument flights.

Flight grading is not about flying perfectly, rather it is about demonstrating to your instructors that you are able to learn (and 'unlearn' where necessary) and have the right attitiude. Instructors want to see someone who is easily 'teachable'.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cathay Pacific Cadet Program - Interviews

There are 3 interviews throughout the selection process, each conducted by 2 interviewers: a pilot and someone from Cathay's HR department. The interviews can be divided into a number of topics:

1. Tell us about yourself
2. Why did you not study anything aviation-related at university?
3. Why did you not pursue an aviation-related career to begin with?
4. Why do you want to fly for Cathay? (As opposed to your national carrier)
5. How much will you be earning on completion of your training with Cathay?
6. Have you been to Hong Kong before?
7. What do you like/dislike about HK?
8. What is the population of HK?
9. Where would you live in HK and how much is the the rent approximately?
10. Are you single or married - is your partner able to to move to HK as well?
11. How did you fund your studies, do you have any debts?
12. What are your hobbies?
13. Have you ever had any leadership roles?
14. What are you strengths/weaknesses
15. How would your best friend describe you?

1. If you suspected your captain of turning up to work drunk, what would you do?
2. How will you get along with people you don't necessarily agree with in the cockpit?

1. What aircraft is this? (referring to model aircraft on the table)
2. Describe the fuel system on the aircraft you trained on
3. Where is fuel stored on an A330-300?
4. What effect does CoG have on range?
5. How are Rolls-Royce engines different to others?
6. What is meant by a triple-spooled turbo-fan and what makes it so efficient?
7. Why do some aircraft have winglets?
8. Why does a 777 not have any winglets?
9. Estimate the lat/long of Moscow
10. How much fuel would it take to fly from Moscow to HK using Taipei as an alternate (I was required to write down calculations on the white-board)
11. What countries do you fly over from Moscow to HK.
12. What types of cloud are typically found in a warm front?
13. Describe the fire-supression systems found on our jets
14. What runways does HK Airport have?
15. What is the aquaplaning formula?
16. If you double your velocity what is the effect on lift?
17. What is 'P Factor'?
18. Describe the ITCZ
19. Why do our aircraft have swept wings?

1. How many aircraft does Cathay have in the fleet?
2. What types of aircraft are there in the fleet?
3. How many destinations?
4. What is the latest destination?
5. Name 5 European destinations Cathay operates
6. Tell me about the cadet training program
7. What does a Second Officer do?
8. Who is the CEO/COO/DFO?
9. Who founded Cathay and when?
10. What was the first aircraft operated by Cathay?

This is not an exhaustive list - I will update as and when I am able to recall more questions!